Kids can take advantage of the physical and mental benefits resulting from martial arts training in a safe, controlled environment. At Back’s Taekwondo, students may begin training as early as 4 years old and classes are structured with each student’s age and ability in mind. Our ultimate goal is to instill into students discipline, courtesy, respect, perseverance, personal victory, confidence, and leadership.

Our classes are held at Southern Indiana Martial Arts (SIMA), where students of all ages  experience the benefits of martial arts training. At SIMA we offer well-rounded classes for kids interested in taekwondo (kicks, strikes and blocks) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (ground fighting and grappling) – sign up for one style or both!

Taekwondo for Kids – Ages 4-6

Class Times: Wednesdays at Southern Indiana Martial Arts, 6:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Children aged 4-6 can begin their journey in martial arts through Back’s Taekwondo for Kids program. We focus on teaching basic strikes, blocks and kicks and we do it in a structured class environment. Every student is encouraged to do their best.

Kids ages 4-6 get a jump-start by learning at a young age the foundation of martial arts and the mental disciplines that come along with it. We believe this positive reinforcement and practice carries over into everyday life. In addition to learning punches and kicks, kids learn to listen and pay attention, respect themselves and others, follow instructions, build self-confidence and begin to develop leadership skills.

Taekwondo for Kids – Ages 7+

Class Times: Wednesdays at Southern Indiana Martial Arts7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

In our older child program, kids ages 7 and up learn the same skills as our younger kids, and expand on them. They work on developing responsibility and courtesy, as well as perseverance and leadership. Along with these life skills, they learn self-defense through various taekwondo techniques and applications. This instills self-confidence in them, while improving their coordination, balance and flexibility.

Taekwondo is essentially an individual sport, but students also gain the benefit of cooperating as a team. Each student is taught to encourage each other, resulting in a camaraderie and respect among all of the students.

Find us on Facebook to learn more, or register online for our Kids Taekwondo class at Southern Indiana Martial Arts, in New Albany, IN.