Customer Testimonials

Satisfied Parents and Taekwondo Believers

We asked some of our students and parents to comment on their experience with our program. Here are some highlights:

“My wife and I both feel a definite positive impact on our son through Back’s Taekwondo. It has helped him to be more polite and mannerly, created more respect for self and others, and more self confidence in all aspects of his life. We also like the fact that he is learning a form of self-defense in a very good environment.”

“As staff goes, Mr. Phil Back, 5th Degree Black Belt, is a fine and capable teacher as they come. And his wife Lisa, 2nd Degree Black Belt, are terrific in instructing or any questions you may have.”

“They make us feel like family.”

“There is true respect and confidence in ALL the staff from the top to the bottom. Everyone is very supportive with all the students.”

“In summary, we think and believe Back’s Taekwondo is perfect for us or we would not be here.”

– The Conrad Family

Why taekwondo?

My grandchild was diagnosed with ADHD and not only did we have to deal with this condition, but also deal with the fact that he had a lot of extra energy.

The doctor suggested that I enroll him in taekwondo, explaining that in some cases it has helped with the burst of energy that some children have as well as the ADHD.

I contacted Mr. Back and explained our situation. He agree that he would work with our child. I will admit the first few months were very trying for everyone, and trying for our child as well. It was difficult for him to stand still when he was asked, and he did spend a lot of time in time-out, but we kept him in the class and Mr. Back was very understanding dealing with this. We could not have made it without the help of this teacher that doesn’t give up, he believes every child has potential.

Two years later our child has had few episodes of time out and is doing quite well. I credit this to the understanding of Mr. Back that every child is different and each child has a different need.

Taekwondo has helped our child focus better and helped with self-esteem. It has helped him have a better understanding of patience.”

– A Believer in Taekwondo

“Taekwondo has been great for my kids. I think everyone, child and adult, can benefit from studying Taekwondo.”

– S. McLaughlin

“It’s a long commute for us — 30 miles one way. Sometimes Aaron is tired and unmotivated on the drive to class. But afterward, he has more energy and a better attitude. The camaraderie at Back’s Taekwondo lifts his spirits. Mr. Back is a positive role model and a fine leader. We’re grateful for the friendships we’ve forged over the years and the family atmosphere at Back’s.”

– Bobbi and David Buchanan

“We are glad to have you as part of our lives and we are very thankful for all you have done for [our son]. He is truly a more confident and happy and respectful child as a result of the influence from the two of you!”

– D. Watson

“…we continue to support your program because we like the total benefits our sons receive from participating in Back’s Taekwondo. This includes but is not limited to the personal instruction and group activities such as tournaments, Demonstration Team, and field trips. The camaraderie among parents, students, and instructors can only be accomplished when there is unity. Suzanne and I feel that you and your team at Backs Karate provide valuable instruction in the moral, physical, and mental development of our sons Daniel and Isaac. In the four years we have participated, we all feel we have greatly benefited from your program.”

– Corum family

Mr. Back is a fantastic teacher who can get the most out of any student. Your kids will love Back’s Taekwondo and you will love the difference it makes with your kids!

Fabulous instructor and staff. Mr. Back is not only a talented martial artist, he possesses the special ability to teach, especially young children. Very family oriented environment. Definitely the best martial arts academy in the area!

Back’s Taekwondo is awesome! Mr. Back does a wonderful job with the children – he is patient and helps each child be the best they can be. I would highly recommend his school to ANYONE! Young and old, everyone will enjoy and benefit from this program.

Mr. Back has a special talent for teaching martial arts. Not only with the art of martial arts itself, but with the meaning of the art. He teaches self control, self discipline and accountability to name just a few. He is AWESOME with all the children he trains in this field. I would recommend his school to any child and/or parent!

My Grandson attends TKD at Back’s and they are outstanding!

Mr. and Mrs. back are a great influence on my son. My son is doing better in school, and we enjoy bringing him to class. All three are wonderful w/ children, and we thank them for all that they do.

– T. LaGrange

Great group of people,  asset  to the community

“Nobody does it better.”

Amazing people teaching young people how to be amazing people. Simply the best!

Mr. and Mrs. Back are great friends and mentors. The classes are very instructive and easy to understand. ME AND MY CHILDREN LOVE THEM! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Back.

I have been taking classes Since 2003 Mr. & Mrs. are wonderful. Mr. Back Is great with kids… Mr. Back treats everyone like you are his family. I would highly recommend Mr. Back before anywhere else he really is the best instructor that I have seen. He loves teaching people of all ages

– J.R. Sidebottom

A family friendly place. Wouldn’t want my children to be anywhere else.

Great place to help you teach your children about discipline, hard work, and self-control. Great instructors that treat everyone with respect.

Family-owned business run as if everyone is part of the family. The quality of instruction is second to none.

We love Back’s Taekwondo! It is the best in the area.


Mr. and Mrs. Back and his staff are wonderful! Mr. Back is very talented and his black belt helpers are awesome! They are great with kids and adults alike. Mr. Back and his students excel at tournaments and receive complements from other TKD schools.

Back’s Taekwondo school is a must for anyone of any age interested in martial arts training.

– TKDDad

My wife, nephew, and I practice Taekwondo at Back’s. Mr Phil Back is a dedicated 5th degree Black Belt who enjoys teaching students of all ages. Regardless of being 5 or 35, Back’s Taekwondo has something for everyone and has a great atmosphere. Knowledgeable instructors and staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Once you try it you will love it!!!

– Todd & Rebecca Wilson

My grandson has been enrolled going on 8 years. I enjoy watching how much he has grown with self respect and positive attitude. Mr. Back and his wife and staff are excellent in everything they do. I enjoy seeing the results that this school has accomplished. This school is the best and they teach every child they have potential.


I love this school!!! Great instructors, great program and an amazing atmosphere!!

– S. Bowles